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For more than 17 years of experience, we have innovated regarding to advocacy focused on Human Capital and Relationship. We can´t undervalue the trained providers and moreover, the professional-client relationship. By this time, we have collected some difficulties faced by businessmen and the public in general, resulting in our way of working. We are honored by your visit and we would like to invite you to meet us and help us make our relationship increasingly sustainable.


Courts and justice sector see 500 per cent rise in data breaches

Human error main cause as solicitors and barristers see 127 per cent increase in security breaches The legal sector has suffered a major rise in data […]

Juris Personae debut with a cover story about the dynamism of the European Union

  The corporate magazine addresses issues related to the Brazilian Corporate Law and reflections internationally. Launched in June 2015, Juris Personae interviewed the Portuguese political scientist […]

Born in slum, Brazilian becomes doctor in the US.

The Brazilian, André Luiz de Souza, born in a slum in Belo Horizonte, overcame great adversity to exit from a poor childhood and becoming a professor […]


Corporate Governance
Planning Meeting
Study Group
EPADV Institutional


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Queen’s speech

by Alexandra Cardenas Alexandra Cardenas discusses the points of interest relevant to the legal sector that were mentioned in the Queen’s speech. This morning the Queen […]

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Cyber attack: how would 007 do it?

by Stuart Poole-Robb Stuart Poole-Robb discusses a new threat to law firms’ IT systems and provides some top tips to prevent attacks from occurring. Law firms are […]

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Vacation: Absolute Right?

Lawyer Hermeson Costa Vacation is a rest period granted to urban, rural, loose and domestic workers after 12 months of work performed. This right is constitutionally […]

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Lawyer Hermeson Costa Contractual termination of employment occurred prior to February 27, 2015 fit in the old rule, which is independent of application by unemployment insurance, […]

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Not incidence of tax on services of any kind (ISS) ...

Lawyer Marconi Brasil In the feature article we will deal on the not incidence of Tax on Services (ISS), the bareboat charter contract, this being one of […]

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The Unconstitutionality of the additional levy of IOF on ...

The state, as an administrative institution, has the primordial duty to manage the society, by limiting behaviors and activities, encouraging certain economic sectors and standardizing the […]

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Every accident at the workplace creates stability

If the benefit is requested within the first 30 days from the time away from work. The first 15 days of work will be paid by […]


We define as priority the interpersonal relationship, believing that this is the best way to meet their real needs and define the legal instruments that will enhance the dynamics of its projects.
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Judicial Actions Survey

Determination of all actions contained the name of the Contractor, either in the plaintiff and the defendants, in all spheres of the Judiciary, presentation of opinion regarding all actions and procedural situation and propose some procedural medicine if you need.

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Real Estate

Analysis of the risk of real estate transactions; advice on matters arising from the purchase and sale of properties; verification of ownership and existence of liens on property; regularize the legal status of properties; advice on matters of lease and sublease of real estate; advice on matters of construction and property development; performance with the registries of property; initiation, monitoring and challenge of possessory actions, adverse possession, division and demarcation of land, among others.

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AAdvising on investments in Procurement, negotiation, preparation and analysis of administrative contracts; legal defense in administrative proceedings; Supported in lawsuits involving issues of regulatory administrative law in various sectors of the economy; action before national regulatory agencies, bodies metrology.

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Industrial property

Advice on registration of trademarks, patents, invention models and industrial designs; analysis, preparation and registration of franchise contracts and technology transfer; representation before the National Institute of Industrial Property, requiring records, offering challenges, interposing resources; filing, challenging and monitoring of lawsuits that aim to discuss industrial property rights, hindering the use of trademarks, patents, models invention and industrial designs by unauthorized third parties.

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It’s monitoring all legal matters relating to the environment, mainly including: audit for assessing environmental liabilities, borrow to finance environmental projects, negotiation of terms of behavior adjustment; application for environmental licensing, representation in administrative proceedings before environmental agencies; defense in civil lawsuits and other legal proceedings.

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Drafting instruments of incorporation or corporate changes with the monitoring of their records in the Commercial Registry; guidance in structuring transactions and business activities in general; consultancy on corporate restructuring, including spin-offs, mergers, acquisitions and liquidations of companies; challenge and monitor actions of partial or total dissolution of society; assistance in amicable or judicial determination of holdings of partners or shareholders; resolution of problems relating to the manner, form, criteria and extent of calculation and payment of assets of the company; advice on issues of civil liability of partners, shareholders or directors of the company.

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Representation before financial institutions and multilateral agencies in loan transactions and related transactions; development and revision of bank contracts; operation in judicial and administrative litigation with the filing of lawsuits related to the banking law; consultancy in capital and investment funds segment.

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Advocacy and monitoring of labor claims in all instances; analysis of legal risk labor; opinions regarding the routines of human resources; Legal audit preventive labor; guidance to companies and employers' unions in and collective bargaining agreements, union negotiations and collective bargaining; legal advice in accordance with the standards of safety and hygiene at work; deactivation of manufacturing units and relocation of employees; assessment and prevention of labor liabilities; drafting of employment and collective agreements, collective bargaining, bargaining contracts.

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Consulting in the preparation, review and analysis of civil contracts; Troubleshooting civil liability; filing, challenging and monitoring actions for the recovery of contractual obligation, of indemnification of asset and off-balance sheet damage, a special procedure, execution of extrajudicial securities; application for urgent precautionary measures; assistance for preparation of notifications and interpellations.

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Tax advisory in the tax procedures and routines, review of tax returns (DCTF / DACON / DIPJ) for purposes of tax administrative proceedings; preparation of Requests Compensation Tax and its resources; survey of tax credits; objection and cancellation notices of violation; recommending and monitoring of legal actions in defense of society in the face of illegitimate charges, taxes and contributions; presentation of defenses in tax execution; resolving issues of tax liability of the partners, shareholders and directors; preparation of tax planning and propositions recovery actions of taxes.

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It’s legal support in solving problems related to contracts and commercial obligations; recovery and advisory relating to securities; initiation, monitoring and challenge of declaratory actions unenforceability of debt securities and cancellation of protests; advice on issues of bankruptcy, receivership and bankruptcy reorganization.

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Direito Internacional

O escritório EDUARDO PESSOA E ADVOGADOS possui uma equipe especializada em litígios de alto valor monetário, envolvendo contratos e disputas internacionais nas quais há competência dos tribunais ingleses e brasileiros. Auxiliamos desde a fase de negociações prévias até o início, desenvolvimento e conclusão da ação judicial. O nosso objetivo é alcançar o melhor resultado para os nossos clientes, seja por meio de um acordo extrajudicial ou um requerimento de medidas cautelares – injunctions. Antes de iniciarmos uma negociação extrajudicial ou uma ação judicial, avaliamos as suas metas e objetivos e fazemos uma estimativa dos custos a serem despendidos. Trabalhamos para esclarecer todo o procedimento de forma detalhada e objetiva para que você possa tomar a decisão correta e mais viável ao seu caso.

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Action on issues related to the consumption of products and services in general, with the defense of the interests of the suppliers on issues involving the quality of products and services, prevention and repair of damage caused by consumer relations; initiation, monitoring and challenge of liability actions arising from fact or addiction to products and services; resolution of issues arising from commercial practices.

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Collective Bargaining

Full assistance and monitoring in the collective bargaining process - trade unions and associations.


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