The Brazilian, André Luiz de Souza, born in a slum in Belo Horizonte, overcame great adversity to exit from a poor childhood and becoming a professor with postdoctoral in the United States.


The son of a bus driver and a manicure, born and raised in the slum Alto Vera Cruz, André Luiz paid entrance exam for Letters at UFMG because he loved the idea of ​​knowing how to speak English. At the same time, he worked in two shifts, in a mobile phone company in order to fund their spending. As a result, he lost a half for fouls and received a letter from the university stating that he had lost his place. Luiz has not given up his dream and wrote to the university informing it of the reasons that led to the missing, and so was accepted again.


Because of their insistence on knowing English fluently, could exchange to the University of Texas in 2003. Needing evidence that could be sustained in the US, he borrowed money to friends, attached the extract with £ 6000 visa application and then to accept, returned the money. After that, he came to the United States with R $ 25 in his pocket – and only.


To be able to really keep the US, André began to work washing dishes in a restaurant, job costing him the exchange, since it was forbidden to work off campus. Back in Brazil, he offered to collect data for an American teacher who helped in Texas. In this way, maintained the connection with the US and perfected in the area, being invited back to the country to do a doctorate.


Still broke and living on $ 1100 per month of a scholarship given by the US government, he went back to washing dishes in the same restaurant once and even breaking the rules, it was so for two years. After completing his doctorate, he became assistant at Alabama and has received proposals to work in Europe.


Many washed dishes and a lot of willpower later, André Luiz de Souza became one of the responsible for creating the Cyber ​​Institute, which does research on cognitive tests influence the use of an application. Because of the project, it has received a $ 250,000 funding.


Luiz did not accept job offers in Europe because you want to continue to live in the USA.

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