The corporate magazine addresses issues related to the Brazilian Corporate Law and reflections internationally. Launched in June 2015, Juris Personae interviewed the Portuguese political scientist Fernando Costa, about the directions of the European Union; and Paulist economic scientist Jean Cardoso, about tax and business issues. By treating the scenario of Brazilian diplomacy it spoke with economist Alexander Fermanian and lawyer Talita Dal Lake. It interviewed the researcher Carlos Vasconcelos about Tax War and lawyer John Bosco about the Manaus Free Trade Zone. To talk about the Fiscal Sped it invited the accountant Clara Germana.

Focusing on Human and Relationship Capital, the publication tells the story of Social Revarte Project (Renewal of the Securities Art) and brings the articles “Do your best” of Eduardo Pessoa attorney’s authorship; People Management in Law Firms, written by the administrator Tayrine Lisboa; and Marketing and Law, produced by journalists Marcia Pessoa and Mara Rebouças.

The humanized bias continues with a touch of classical approach by fashion designer Ana Carolina Juca, when talking about the story of “Suit in the World Post Modern”. The historical approach of the Brazilian courts completes the publication with the paintings “Curiosities” and “From Comparative Law “.




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