According the president of the OAB, Marcus Furtado Coêlho (picture), this measure affects mainly the lawyers who work individually or in small offices

Approved in March in the House of Representatives, the design of the new Civil Code (PL 8046/2010) guarantees 30 days vacation to lawyers, through the suspension of procedural deadlines. Based on this argument, the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB) officiated the Inspector General of the Labor Court, John the Baptist Brito Pereira, on Tuesday, 27, requesting the revocation of a acceptance by the Superior Labor Court (TST) which prohibits the extension of forensic withdrawal by TRTs (Regional Labor Court).

According to Marcus Vinicius Coêlho Furtado, president of the Bar Association, the Provision No. 2, published on 22 May by TST, prevents the lawyer may enjoy a period of rest in the year without counting their procedural deadlines in the courts. Also according to the president, this mainly affects lawyers who work individually or in small offices. “The situation of these is even more critical, because they will be unable to take vacations due the continuity of deadlines,” says Coêlho.

The text claims that the recess, period which today covers from December 20 to January 6, is increased until the 20th of January, to allow lawyers, beyond they enjoy the Christmas and New Year, they may use the first days of the year to reorganize and plan their activities.


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